Mia Baudry, Karen Gustafson, and Misha Zadeh at Surtex 2017 with Misty Bicycle textiles and wall hangings

The MZID team is small but mighty. We are hard-working and detail-oriented, but we never forget our sense of humor — we are in the the business of bringing joy. 

Karen Gustafson sitting behind a portfolio at Misha Zadeh's Surtex booth NYC 2017. Portfolio showing cut-paper florals in pinks and orange

Karen Gustafson
Karen is Misha’s right arm at MZID’s Ballard Headquarters. She works hard behind the scenes to make sure your orders are expertly packaged and expeditiously delivered, and you will usually find her assisting Misha at local craft fairs and arts fests. Karen worked closely with Misha during MZID’s second Surtex appearance in New York City. Her professionalism, sunny disposition and calm demeanor were key in helping solidify our company’s place on the surface design stage. If ever you want to buy Karen a hot beverage, make sure it’s a tall-non-fat-hot-chocolate-with-cinnamon-steamed-into-the-milk-no-whip, please.  


Mia Baudry in a green top at Misha Zadeh Surtex 2017. Rain Garden in Tomato Wallpaper behind her

Mia Baudry
Based in Westchester, NY, Mia is MZID's copy editor and copywriter, and the operation's eyes on the East coast. She offers creative and branding input when possible. Mia was instrumental during Misha’s two Surtex appearances, bringing her penchant for design and her interpersonal skills into play, while also making sure Misha stayed fed (Mia is an amazing cook and host - She taught Misha how to make the perfect poached egg during one of her visits to New York). If ever you want to buy her a meal, know that she will exhaustively research the perfect place for you, but that she never shares her food.


Graham Fam
You may see these guys helping at shows and/or making deliveries. They also work behind the scenes in the warehouse. Ben Graham is a founder and creative director at Turnstyle Studio and has offered much creative advice and collaboration to MZID over the years. Check out Turnstyle for impeccable design solutions.