Sustainability is very important to us. The gift manufacturing industry has a long way to go and we are doing what we can to encourage our partners to make better choices. We can do better, and we welcome any ideas you may have to improve our practices. Here are some of the initiatives we have enacted:
  • The majority of our paper goods are printed on FSC-certified and/or recycled papers
  • All our paper goods are produced on the West Coast of North America (we have printing partners in Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC, and Carlsbad, CA)
  • We are transitioning to paper boxes for our note card sets (the cello sleeves that are currently used were purchased years ago and we are selling through them first)
  • With the exception of our paper goods, we are no longer purchasing virgin plastic to wrap your things. Greeting cards will soon be shipped without any exterior plastic. 
  • We regularly collect clean shipping boxes, bubble wrap, and void fill from local homes and businesses to reuse in our shipments to you
  • Any plastic or styrofoam packing materials you may receive in your order is on it’s second use, at least.
  • Going forward, we are only licensing artwork for specific use, having more control about what products are being made with our art and put out into the world
  • We are currently building new relationships with manufacturers based in the United States
  • We recycle paper and plastics through the City of Seattle, and plastic film through a fantastic monthly service called Ridwell — highly recommend. Use this link for 10% off a new membership at Ridwell.